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On Sunday, October 19 more than 800 people joined together for festivities and fun on Stony Brook University's campus to 'Take Steps for Crohn's & Colitis'. More than $100,000 was raised to support local patient programs and important research projects. It's not too late to support this imporant cause. Visit CCFA Long Island today to make a donation.


Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative colitis (UC) are inflammatory diseases of the bowel, broadly categorized as inflammatory bowel disease, or IBD. As many as seven out of 100,000 people in the U.S. develop Crohn’s disease, and 10-15 people out of 100,000 develop UC.

IBD can present with a variety of symptoms, depending on whether it is Crohn’s disease or UC, and depending on the area of bowel that is affected. Some common symptoms include abdominal pain, diarrhea, rectal bleeding, loss of appetite, weight loss, fevers and anemia. UC and Crohn’s disease can also present with extraintestinal manifestations such as joint pains, skin rashes, eye problems, liver problems and anemia.

Stony Brook Medicine is teaming up with the Long Island chapter of the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America to provide patients and families with the latest information about Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Through fundraising events like the Take Steps for Crohn's & Colitis Walk, we can help support local patient programs, as well as important research projects. The more money raised, the closer we will be to making life more manageable for patients suffering with IBD.